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logo500Lookdiary – Your new beauty partner in Hong Kong

Like everyone in Hong Kong, I have my favorite places to shop, dine or hang out and I rarely dare to look beyond those trusted places. Let’s make it clear, this is especially true when it comes to beauty treatments – I do not mess with my hair, my hairs, my skin or my nails! Trust me you don’t want to challenge me on that.

c'est la vieHowever, I came to discover Lookdiary lately. For the uninitiated, Lookdiary is the ultimate booking platform for spa and beauty services in Hong Kong. It took me a while to give it a try but it was probably one of the few good moves I made this year. Yes I am not afraid to say it, Lookdiary, beyond providing me with the best beauty parlors out there, succeeded in opening my mind!

First with the large network that they offer! No doubt that you will discover unexpected beauty gems next to your home or next to your office thanks to their geolocalized listing. When I say beauty, I mean hair salon, nail shop, spa, massage places, waxing salon and even medical aesthetics! They have the full range of beauty services available, with different price range and always in trusted places.

the right spotThen comes the easy access to information. You stand here behind your phone, or sit behind your desktop, and have access to the menus with prices of all these shops, more than 4000 treatments to browse through, not sure I’d have enough of a lifetime to try them all! But not only the menu, you also get to see the pictures of the places, and the cherry on the cake: independent reviews – Alleluia! Finally I can try new places to pamper myself in total safety!

MelomistThis was enough for me to be convinced and I was already on my way from being a prospect to becoming recurrent customer, but Lookdiary decided to secure me for good, by offering in 3 clicks and with instant confirmation the possibility to book last minute or a few days ahead in any of the salons! And in addition by guaranteeing cash back on e-ve-ry booking, even when there is a discount already. I wish I could ask for more but I ran short of ideas, they thought about everything.

So I wanted to address a big “hats off” to the Lookdiary team, you managed to solve my spa and beauty issues, and at the same time made me go out of my comfort zone. Thank you for that, I am that close to say that you changed me as a person, but I will observe the long term effects first 🙂


Website: https://lookdiary.com.hk

Hotline: +852 8198 2490

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LookDiaryHK/

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