Our overall verdict "Over many"
Comfort: 7.5/10
Food Quality: 8.5/10
Staff: 9/10
Price: 9/10


If you ever wanted to find a Korean BBQ restaurant in Hong Kong, well don’t go much further than this place in North Point as it has all what it needs to make you spend a great evening…The restaurant is not easy to find as it is located on Wharf road (parallel to Java road) at the first floor of a building. You may  need to look-up the address on google maps (or just click here) to find it faster.

koreanbbqhkNow lets talk about the food as it is mainly why you come on HK Salad. The food there is really high quality meat, poultry and seafood are fresh from the day. We tried the lunch sets (formulas are interesting) and dinner sets which is “all-you-can-eat” . The general bill will be around 120HKD per head at lunch time and around 250HKD for the dinner set.

bbqkoreannorthpointLet’s detail a bit more the “all-you-can-eat” dinner set. The meat buffet is just impressive and exceeds most of the expectations we had before going there. The place is original and will create a nice atmosphere that can heat up quickly if you order some Soju on the table ! (warning: Soju is a very strong alcohol and needs to be consumed with moderation)

Actually you would probably wonder why we have not named this restaurant yet…well this is because as an English reader, we can only read Korean BBQ on the sign so we’ll just name it as it is.


Adress: 1/F, Ming Fai Building, 20-36 Wharf Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2566 0706


HK Salad strongly recommends you to make a reservation as it is very famous throughout Hong Kong’s food fans.

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