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Comfort: 8.5/10
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Simply Crepes !!


A pinch of salt as it is mentioned in the name, a lot of milk, flour and you have a simple crepe ready to serve. Fleur de Sel opened in the last few years and has already 2 locations (one in Causeway Bay and the other in Soho near Hollywood road). Originally from France, the owners make sure that the quality and origin of the products used to make the crepes meet the highest standards in French Cuisine.

DSCN0853The menu is composed of a wide variety of assorted crepes ranging from the most simple ham & cheese crepe to the more complex and elegant “Bourguignonne”. All the ingredients used are fresh and cut from the morning as explained to us the second time we went there.

The owners and cooks are very friendly and will gladly show you how the crepes are made if you ask them nicely. You may even have the chance to try out doing one if there are not too many people at that time (which is best outside lunch and dinner hours as both restaurants where packed on a week day).

DSCN0784We also recommend you to try out the Salmon & Spinach or the Toulouse Sausage crepes that are unique in hong kong. (these are the ones we had and we will be back to try the other ones…). Prices are really reasonable as the bill was around 150HKD per head for a crepe and a drink but the crepes we had were part of the most expensive ones. Generally prices will vary between 80 to 130 HKD per crepe depending on the complexity of it…but one thing is guaranteed: Fresh products from the market are used every day !!

Go try it out !! (scroll down there is more…)

Website: French Crepes HK

Facebook page: Fleur de Sel Facebook Page


Causeway Bay: Shop 2J, Po Foo Building, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay
Soho: G/F, 51 Graham Street, Central
Tel: 2645 982

Fleur de Sel

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