26th April 2017: Hong Kong Tailor Made Wedding Dress Expert | When Kath Yeung is blogging about her passion !

I am a fashion design graduate from the Parsons School of Design in New York. I have over 5 years of experience working for designer bridal and evening wear labels. I work with clients on an exclusive one on one basis. Currently, I’m looking into starting up my own made-to-order business. However, before I get my business up and running, I need to expand my portfolio. You get a quality made custom dress at an affordable price, in return I get experience and put my first step out in building up my business.

Here is what I am offering:

If you are in Hong Kong and have a special design of a tailor made dress in mind, I can work with you personally and discuss about the design, fabrication and any concerns you might have. I can source the fabric option for you, or you can provide fabric for me. Then I’ll draft the pattern of your dress tailored to your measurement and needs. Before sewing your dress in real fabric of your choice, we will have 2 mock up fittings to check the fit and proportion. Then when the dress is being cut and sewn in your selected fabric, we’ll have 1 to 3 fittings at this work in progress stage. Everything will be made in Hong Kong by me, and fittings will be held at the comfort of your home. The whole process takes about 2 to 3 months at the minimum. Please note that since I do everything on my own, there is only so much I can do within the time period. So during busy seasons, more time will be needed.

What is special about my service?

I understand that it is not easy to find a unique dress off the rack, so I am willing to explore wild design details with you. You will be on a special journey to see your dress comes together. You get up close and personal with the process of creating your dress, and make decision on every details on it. I charge significantly lower than any other designer label you can find in Hong Kong, simply because I want to start my business somewhere. On the other hand, my service is much more personal than giving your drawing to a tailor across the boarder and hope for the best. You don’t have to worry that I’d cut corners and compromise the design, proportion and fabrication for convenience. This is not cookie cutter fast fashion, so please allow roughly 2 month time (but we can definitely work something out if you don’t have that much time.)

What I am charging…read more on my blog 🙂

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