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“French Learning Café offers customized French lessons where and when you want and also Learning Events to keep practicing after classes. LC has been created by 2 native French tutors who have been teaching French all over the world for many years.”


The philosophy of Learning Cafe

learnfrenchinhkThe number one priority is to have all students learning French to be in position to use it in everyday real situations. French is an evolving language, which means French people today do not speak the same French as that spoken in the 80’s. Some expressions are outdated and at the same time, new ways of talking arise. So one of our objective is that our native teachers teach you up-to-date French.

“Learning a new language doesn’t only consist in memorizing lists of vocabulary or to put into practice complicated grammar rules.”

frenchinhongkong1Learning a language means as well that you are trying to understand a new way of thinking, a new culture, new habits. In order to fully understand what is behind the French language, you will find many tools that you are free to enjoy, such as links on Internet, daily expressions on Facebook, songs and videos on YouTube, smart tips, French DVDs, … Of course, by learning French in Hong Kong you won’t learn as fast as if you were in France, but the guys from Learning CAFE want to give you every possible means to immerse yourself in the French spirit.

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Learn french in HK

Email adress: Contact Francois at french@learningcafe.hk


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