After walking back from the Hk Wine and Dine festival 2013’s Grand opening on 31st october, i was walking on the over pass in Central and i started to hear a rather nice voice from a distance. The noise of the street was not helping but as i approached, it became clear that the girl who was singing had a really nice voice + you could not really miss her as she was dressed up as Mario and was joined by Luidgi and Spiderman 😉 not joking, check out the video below !

Other than their original outfit, i was curious and absorbed by the voice of this young artist singer in HK for which i had to ask the name.

Luidgi replied that her name was Chi Wai.

I actually did not ask more about her as i had to leave to catch a last MTR but i still have her voice in mind as i am writing this article and regret not taking more footage as it ends too quick.

At HK Salad we encourage young artists to do like Mario, Luidgi and Spiderman tonight in Central so please share this article if you liked them. If you have footage or scenes like this one, that is original and happened in Hong Kong please contact us at the following link with your contact details and will contact you back asap if you would like us to add it to


We hope you enjoyed this moment and will try to find other crazy HK X-periences to show you in this section.

Artist Name: Chi Wai
Location: Central, Hong Kong
Time: 12.15am
Date: 01/11/2013


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