Hello Everyone,

Let me first introduce ourselves as the team of HKSALAD. We are a bunch of expats/locals here in Hong Kong that have a common passion that is “discovery”. At HKSALAD, we all share many years spent looking around and finding all the little magical places that Hong Kong can offer. We have decided to put all our finds in this selected website that is www.hksalad.com so that people in Hong Kong as well as people visiting can enjoy the best of the best. Articles will appear with time as we are currently writing them so come back regularly to see the updates and follow us on Facebook and on Twitter!!

We are not limited to western style discoveries and encourage international and local finds to be reported to us so we can investigate and offer them the possibility to be part of HKSALAD’s selected guide. Please use our contact form to inform us about a business/store/website/whatever it could be but it HAS to be interesting ! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you all

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