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A must see comedy by Matthieu de la Patelliere and Alexandre Delaporte

Amateur play in french, with english subtitles.

“Le Prenom” is about a group of five middle-aged friends who are having a Moroccan dinner get-together one night. The hosts are Pierre (a literature professor) and his dutiful wife Elisabeth (nicknamed Babou). Claude is a professional trombonist who was Elisabeth’s best friend. Vincent is Elisabeth’s joker of a brother, whose wife Anna is pregnant with their first child.  It was the matter of naming Vincent and Anna’s unborn baby boy that starts us off in this adventure of bitter wit and sharp barbs all within the confines of Pierre’s apartment. From a heated argument about the name Vincent plans to give his son, their conversation devolves into more serious and painful matters about each other’s secrets they have been keeping from each other all these thirty odd years they have known each other as close friends.

Directed by Emilie Guillot.


A fundraising event for FAS.


  • HKD 300 last day of booking – no tickets will be sold at the door
  • HKD 250 before the 25th of November 2013
  • HKD 220 for HKTA / UFE Members (Please fill in the HKTA / UFE Members number below)
  • HKD 220 for age under 28yo. (Please remember to bring your ID card with you for verification on the date of this event)
Children under 12 years old not admitted.
  • Free seating
  • transportations are limited after 8pm. Please order a taxi to pick you up – by 1030pm unless you don’t mind walking and/or waiting down the road. We will try our best to provide you with taxi at the end of the show.
  • bring your own beverage and food. No drink or food inside the theatre though.
  • would you like to give us your support? Please contact Our shows would not exist without your constant help and support. We thank you in advance!

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